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Tenure Linked Investments

Choosing the right category of funds based on investment horizon is the key to investing success! That's why we have customized plans for your investment needs of 1 day to any period.

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Top 100 Funds

Choosing the right and top Mutual Funds is now as easy as 123! You can now select top mutual funds from any category and invest in the one suiting your risk profile and investment needs.

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Link Investments to Goals

Linking your old investments to a future financial goal can make a huge difference to your financial life. Give direction to your investments by linking to goals and track them on our portfolio tracker.

Mutual Fund Research - Most advanced tools for decision making

Top Performing Mutual Funds
Scheme Name 1 Year Return(%) 3 Years Return(%) 5 Years Return(%)
ICICI Prudential Banking and Financial S... 13.85 25.93 23.6
SBI Banking and Financial Services Fund ... 21.33 25.84 -
Edelweiss ETF - Nifty Bank... - 24.64 -
SBI-ETF Nifty Bank... 23.75 24.55 -
Tata Banking And Financial Services Fund... 15.67 23.36 -
Top Performing Systematic Investment Plan
Scheme Name Invested Amount Current Value Return(%)
HDFC Equity Fund - Growth Option... 36000 38868.95 18.08
Reliance Multi Cap Fund-Growth Plan-Grow... 36000 38429.68 15.25
Mirae Asset India Equity Fund - Growth P... 36000 38328.37 14.6
Kotak Standard Multicap Fund - Growth... 36000 38057.69 12.86
Canara Robeco Equity Diversified Fund - ... 36000 38023.37 12.64
Top Mutual Funds in India - Lump sum returns
Scheme Name Invested Amount Current Value Annualized Return (%)
Kotak Standard Multicap Fund - Growth... 10000 22811.71 18.27
SBI Magnum Multicap Fund - Regular Plan ... 10000 22548.67 17.99
Mirae Asset India Equity Fund - Growth P... 10000 22519.21 17.96
Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund - Grow... 10000 21692.23 17.06
Invesco India Multicap Fund - Growth Opt... 10000 21254.55 16.58

It is time to plan and reach your goals!

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Your Investment Tracker

01. Plan - Invest - Track

Plan and track all your investments at one place - on your customized dashboard with online access.

02. Goal-based investing

Our Robo Advisory tools help you create investment plans based on your goals and track real time.

03. Invest online at your ease

We empower you to invest online from the comfort of your home. No paper work. No form filling.

04. Consolidation of assets

We help you consolidate all your assets and liabilities in one place and have a single view.

05. Know your net-worth

At a glance you know what are your assets and liabilities.

06. Review your investments

Our intelligent tools help you rebalance and review your portfolio and signal exits, if required.

07. Alerts & notifications

No need to keep any record. Extract the most from your account. Get alerts when something needs your attention.

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It is easy to use the website of Swaraj Wealth and the portfolio tracker is very convenient for investing. Swaraj Wealth helped me sort out my previous investments and streamlined them into goals through a comprehensive Robo goal planning module.

Col. Venktesh Subbaih



Swaraj Wealth gives direction to your saving habit. I was searching for a good mutual fund advisor as I did not invest anywhere because of the complexity if investment process. After visiting Swaraj Wealth, I feel it is very easy to invest under their guidance and thus I did my first Mutual Fund investment in life through Swaraj Wealth.

Col. Alok Jain



Even though I had always wanted to invest in mutual funds, but never knew where and how to start!. I am thankful that I chanced upon Swaraj Wealth and I am really happy with their services and investment advice. It is a great learning experience for novice people like me.

Mr. Abhay Shandilya



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